What makes us successful?

What makes us successful? | How to get rich in FinancialJesus.com. I find this post interesting so I decided to post it here with the link so that interested reader can have some tips and advices on how to be successful in anything that we have decided to do. One good point I do like is tip number 4 that says " Success is all about focusing yourself on one thing." Try reading them it may give you some help.

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Search Engine Guide Blog

I found this fascinating quote today:

With so many people deciding to start blogging, one of the first questions they ask is, "Where should it go?" I get that question all the time, but especially from those savvy in organic search marketing, because they are concerned about the links coming into the blog counting for improved search rankings. Should they be?Search Engine Guide Blog, Apr 2009

You should read the whole article.

Lots of things happens in my blog

In my long absence from blogging it seems that there are lots of things happens. First, I've got an email from entrecard informing of my inactivity so they've decided to temporarily deactivate my account with entrecard unless I have 5 original post within 3 months. Well I guess I have to bear the penalty for not posting here for quite sometimes. Second some of my blog template images I found missing so I have to change a few of them, what a mess of me. But, anyway I think I have to resume my blogging since maybe some of my friends might be missing my post. Composing blog content is quite burdensome but I have to bear that since I've decided that I have to blog and I should stand for it and continue no matter what. So bear with me again hope I could post good content in my free time. Good day to everyone in the blog world!

Back to blogging from a month of absence.

Well, I do apologize to both friends and readers of this blog since I wasn't able to post new topics and ideas for quite a month. I am just too busy and tired after work but I will still try to post something that can be useful to anybody out there in the world of blogging. One more thing I still can't conceive any fresh ideas and topics as of now and maybe it will be hard to come by for me since I come home tired that I spend most of my time resting. Although I will try from time to time to post anything that I may think of that can be of benefit but expect that it will not be as frequent as before. Have a nice day everyone.